Learning Results

Subjects in which graduates acquire knowledge

  • solid medium mechanics, fluid mechanics
  • energy production & management
  • heating-cooling-air conditioning, renewable energy sources
  • machining technology
  • electric motors
  • electromechanical installations
  • automatic control systems and robotics
  • administration, economy and production management
  • thermodynamics
  • applied mathematics
  • planning
  • physics
  • computers
  • electronics.

Skills acquired by graduates

  • to apply engineering principles to design and produce engineering systems and products
  • to use mathematical methods to calculate, analyze and model processes and structures
  • to use and develop software for engineering applications
  • develop, implement, and/or certify product and process control procedures
  • να επιλέγουν κατάλληλες κατεργασίες κατασκευής προϊόντων που σχεδιάστηκαν
  • to manage production units and construction projects
  • estimate costs and submit technical bids for engineering projects
  • να χρησιμοποιούν σχεδιαστικά και υπολογιστικά εργαλεία.

Γενικές δεξιότητες που αποκτούν οι απόφοιτοι

  • Processing information
  • επαγωγική λογική/κριτική σκέψη
  • mathematical logic
  • decision making
  • coordination, leadership and taking responsibility

Technological/digital skills acquired by graduates

  • Use of computational engineering, design, machine tool and 3D printer programming, gas turbine operation simulation, plant simulation and design, industrial control and project management software
  • Use of machine tools and measuring devices of engineering quantities
  • Programming in computer languages

List of Undergraduate Study Program courses related to the acquisition of the aforementioned technological/digital skills.