The Department, originating from a Technological Educational Institution, has long-term experience in the institution of Student Traineeship, and has an ingrained understanding of how important it is to educate students through the institution. In the current Undergraduate Program Studies, Traineeship is mandatory.

With the Traineeship institution, an initial contact of the final-year student with his profession is achieved. He integrates into the work environment of a well-organized company, which is engaged in the broader subject of its specialization, actively participating in the production process. He begins to recall the theoretical and laboratory knowledge he acquired during his studies at the Department, in order to apply it in practice and cope with the problems assigned to him. Until now, in the context of the educational process, this was done hypothetically through exercises, topics and exams, whereas he is now called upon to face, for the first time, a real problem. From the most important problem such as, for instance, the assignment of a study, the supervision of a production process, the coordination of a workshop on a construction site, dealing with a breakdown, serving a customer, etc., down to the most trivial, which concerns the daily operation of a business. The student acquires experience, particularly useful for his initiating career, in procedures related to the operation and organization of an enteprise, which are practically impossible to acquire through teaching within a course.

The value of the Traineeship institution is not limited solely to the intern student. It is equally important for the Department. Based on the many years of experience from the implementation of the institution, it appears that the Traineeship has contributed significantly to the extroversion of the Department. As part of the evaluation of the Traineeship, prepared by the student, the supervising professor visits the company, in order to have a complete picture of the conditions of the student’s education-work. These visits are usually a first-class opportunity for the supervising professor to get to know the executives of the company and, by extension, they are the starting point for important collaborations, which mainly concern the solution of technical problems that cannot be dealt with by its available staff. A typical example of the benefits of Traineeship both for the Department and for the company is the fact that, by the combination of the institutions of the Graduate Thesis and the Traineeship, the most valuable projects arise, the subject of which deals with the solution of a real problem faced by the company. The solution of such problems has a direct and tangible application and its successful completion requires the direct cooperation of the student, the supervising professor, and the company executive.

The Traineeship Committee consists of the following regular faculty members of the Department:

  1. Tsirkas Sotirios, Assistant Professor, as President.
  2. Tsinopoulos Stefanos, Professor, as Member.
  3. Boukelatos Efstathios, Lecturer, as Member

Practice Forms (in Greek)

  • Traineeship Initiation Forms, including:
    • EPA01 – Application to Initiate Traineeship
    • EPA01b – Application for Resumption of Traineeship
    • EPA02 – Certificate of Employment Agency Accepting the Realization of the Traineeship
    • EPA06a – Employment Contract – Public – Public WITH APPENDIX
  • Forms for Telecommuting, including:
    • Application to initiate Traineeship with telecommuting
    • Certificate of Traineeship initiation body with telecommuting
  • Traineeship Ending Forms, including:
    • EPA07 – Certificate of Traineeship Implementation by Supervisor
    • EPA08 – Certificate of Traineeship Implementation by Enterprise
    • EPA09 – Student Evaluation by Enterprise Supervisor
    • EPA10 – Enterprise Evaluation by Student

Announcement of the NSRF Traineeship Office:  In the e-class domain, a course titled “Available Traineeship Positions” has been posted, where advertisements from organizations offering Traineeships are constanty added. Students interested in receiving announcement notifications should register for the course above.

Latest Traineeship Announcements (in Greek)