Student transfers

The Department, according to Official Gazette 2549/25-7-2020 , accepts student transfers from the Mechanical Engineering Departments of the following Universities:

  • University of Western Attica
  • Hellenic Mediterranean University
  • International University of Greece

Course recognition

Students who transfer to the Department can recognize courses that they have successfully completed in their previous Department of study. For this purpose, they submit to the Department applications grouped by teacher, stating the courses of the study program that they wish to recognize from the study program of the Department or Departments of origin, the courses in which they have succeeded and which they consider to cover the workload and the corresponding material of the courses to be recognized, a copy of the detailed score from the Department in which they studied as well as excerpts from the Study Guide which describe in detail the content of the material of each course. Each student is entitled to submit an application for recognition of courses only once, within the first semester of his studies at the Department,

The conditions for a course in the Department’s curriculum to be recognized are:

  1. Its content is covered by the content of the course or courses completed by the student in the Department of origin,
  2. The workload of the course, based on ECTS, must be equal to or less than that of the course or courses of the Department of origin.

For each course or group of courses that the student wishes to recognize, the Department forwards the relevant application to the course instructor, who decides whether the aforementioned recognition conditions are met (workload and material coverage) and recommends the grade to be registered. The decision to recognize the course or courses that the student has applied for is taken by the Department Assembly.

The result of the decision is communicated by the Department Secretariat to the student regarding the courses that were recognized and corresponding justifications for the courses that were not recognized.