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Thesis Regulation (5th Edition, in Greek, 2021)  ( editable format ) | ( printable format(contains writing specifications)
[Graduate Thesis Regulations for the students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering TE (Technological Education) of the former TEI (Technological Educational Institute) of Western Greece, who have been successfully examined in at least 28 courses]

Degree Forms (4-year program-Technology Direction-TEI)

Diploma Forms (5-year program-University)

  • Responsible Statement of Student(s) (No. 0)
  • Topic Assignment (No. 1)
  • Application for Registration for Presentation (No. 2)
  • Score Form (No. 3)
  • Change-Cancellation of Subject (No. 4)
  • Declaration of Deposit to Univ. Peloponnese (No. 5)

Diploma Presentation Dates (2022-2023) (in Greek)

  • Next presentation (live, Small Amphitheater):
    > Thursday, May 18, 2023
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You can get more information about the graduation presentation from your graduation coordinator.

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