Vocational rehabilitation research

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of the Peloponnese conducted a survey, focused on the integration into the labor market and the professional development of new graduates of the Department’s Undergraduate Program in Technological Education, who obtained a professional license during the period 2015-21. The research was conducted using data filled in by graduates of the Department in an appropriately structured electronic questionnaire. The graduates of the Department were informed about their participation in the ongoing research via e-mail. The data of the questionnaires submitted were tabulated, displayed on suitable graphs, and analyzed / reviewed. From the data and the results of the research a report was drawn up, which can be found HERE (in Greek). Some characteristic results of the research are portrayed in the graphs below.

This research survey revealed, once again, the elevated rate of professional rehabilitation of the Department’s graduates. More specifically, the survey showed that 90.2% of the Department’s graduates are employed and 3.5% are inactive, whereas just 6.3% of them are still unemployed. As a measure of comparison, it is reported that, according to Eurostat, youth unemployment in Greece in 2021 was 30.5%. Furthermore, amongst the graduates of the Department who are working, 80.8% are employed as Technological Education (TE) Mechanical Engineer graduates, whereas 19.2% of them work in a field unrelated to their studies.