Internal Evaluation Team

The Internal Evaluation Team of the Department is staffed with faculty members who have the necessary experience and is assisted in its work by appropriate technical and scientific personnel. A student of the Department also participates in the Internal Evaluation Team. Its responsibilities include, among others:

  • the supervision, inspection and formulation of proposals to improve the quality assurance policy and system,
  • collecting the required data and ensuring the quality, accuracy and timeliness of the data,
  • the supervision of the effectiveness of the feedback processes and the processing of the relevant information, such as, for example, the information derived from the evaluation of the courses by the students,
  • the drafting of the Annual Internal Evaluation Report and the support of external assessment and certification,
  • the formulation of proposals to the Assembly of the Department for the qualitative improvement of the operation of the Department, in relation to the objectives of the quality policy.
  • the presentation to the Department Assembly of the results of the evaluation of the teaching work by the students,
  • the presentation to the Assembly of the Department of the control of the students’ progress.


Skouras Eugene, Associate Professor (President)

Tsinopoulos Stefanos, Professor

Mpatsoulas Nikolaos, Professor

Kalogirou Ioannis, Assistant Professor

Kalarakis Alexandros, Assistant Professor

 Koulloudis Theodore, Student