Conference Center

The Conference Center at the Patras Campus of the University of the Pepolonnese is located within the campus of the School of Engineering in Patras city, in the Koukouli area, and occupies an area of 2,500 sq.met.

It includes two auditoriums, a large one 392 seats (Amphitheater Socrates) and a small one 120 seats (Amphitheater Aristotle), an exhibition area, three workshops rooms, with a capacity of 30 seats each, a multi-purpose hall, with a capacity of 250 people and reception areas.

It has specialized and experienced technical staff to support events.

More specifically, it consists of:

  • Amphitheater Socrates, main auditorium with a stage, with a capacity of 392 seats, projector, speakers step, a panel, wifi, audio coverage, backstage, dressing rooms, toilets, appropriate infrastructure to accommodate both conference and artistic events.
  • Amphitheater Aristotle, with a capacity of 120 people with projector, speaker panel, wifi, audio coverage.
  • 3 workshops rooms, up to 30 seats each.
  • Exhibition and banquet facilities, translation booths, press conferences, secretarial services.
  • Offices for the organizational needs of events.
  • Audiovisual systems of international standards.
  • Videoconference capabilities in all rooms.
  • ISDN telephone lines, fax, photocopying machine.
  • Access and parking for trucks, buses and cars, as well as facilities at the main entrance for servicing disabled people.
  • Administrative facilities.

The venues can be used for events, performances, conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, etc.