Head of Department

Tsinopoulos Stefanos (September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2025)

Former Heads of Department:

The Head of the Department has the following responsibilities:

  • heads the Department and supervises its smooth operation,
  • participates in the Senate and the Dean’s Office representing the Department and recommends to the competent bodies of the Higher Educational Institution (AEI) issues related to its needs and operation,
  • convenes the Assembly of the Department, presides over its work, draws up the agenda, appoints a rapporteur for the Assembly’s issues if he does not propose the issues himself and ensures the execution of its decisions,
  • informs the Assembly about the decisions of the Senate and the Dean’s Office concerning the Department, as well as the general functioning of the A.E.I.,
  • monitors the educational function of the first cycle study programs provided by the Department,
  • issues acts of inclusion of members of Teaching Research Staff (D.E.P.) in part-time status, following a decision of the Assembly,
  • grants licenses to D.E.P. members of the Department, for which the President is responsible, after a decision of the Assembly of the Department,
  • approves the movement of D.E.P. members, if the movement is carried out for the needs of the Department,
  • transmits the opinions, proposals or suggestions of the Assembly of the Department to the competent bodies of the A.E.I.,
  • sets up committees to study or handle specific issues within the department’s competence,
  • supervises the maintenance of the Registry of Scientific Publications of the Department,
  • prepares and approves the annual report of the Department’s actions, which it submits for approval to the Department’s Assembly and forwards it to the Dean’s Office, the Senate and the Administrative Council of A.E.I.,
  • exercises any other authority defined in the internal regulations of A.E.I.